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I have been passionate about languages all my life and I have treated translation as a vocation, not just a business. What I love most about it is that every day I must find solutions to all kinds of challenges (tight deadlines, bad document formatting, unavailable terminology etc.). I am tech-addicted, always eager to go beyond the regular user instructions and understand and use advanced features of the tools and processes I work with, e.g. CAT tools (SDL Studio or memoQ). I have learned and I teach other fellow translators how to use regular expressions (regex) in order to streamline the translation or review process and improve the quality of services.



Language Specialist

SDL plc, Bucharest
  • Project management, translation & review, liaison between the client and the team of freelance translators
  • Coordinated the team efforts to improve the general quality of SDL services, by:
    • creating and sharing a training curriculum (videos and documents with screenshots)
    • setting up and implementing QA procedures:
    • checking the quality using regex in Xbench or Verifika
  • Helped the pool of freelancers improve the quality of their own services, by:
    • setting up one-to-one video calls to better explain the requirements using hands-on examples
    • creating and sharing additional materials with more detailed screenshots

QA Manager

Octopus Translations, Bucharest
  • Supervision of the QA process, from quality planning (actions taken before translation), to quality control (actions taken both during and after translation) and quality improvement (actions taken after translation)
  • Improved the general quality of Octopus Translations services, by:
    • using regex for a variety of purposes, from better import of files into CAT tools (segmentation rules) to better formatting in MS Word (wildcards)
    • running a final check of the translated materials both with CAT tools’ own QA features and dedicated verification software (Xbench, Verifika)
  • Improved the process of creation and maintenance of terminology resources (translation memories and glossaries)
2002 - 2014


  • IT:
    • Coordination of a large translation project regarding several feasibility studies destined to Oracle software implementation (EN - RO)
    • Translation and localization of web applications and software (EN - RO)
  • European Union:
    • Translation of European Citizens' Consultations (EN - RO), SCADPlus summaries of UE legislation (FR-RO) or Romanian (draft) laws, regulations and various Government decisions to be aligned with the EU rules (RO - FR)
  • Automotive:
    • Translation of car user guides, service manuals and other automotive materials
      (EN - RO)
  • Engineering:
    • Translation (EN-RO) of production management software and accompanying documentation at the client premises in The Netherlands (Alcoa, Drunen)
  • Social Sciences:
    • Translation of official materials for the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (CESSDA-ERIC) (EN - RO) or social surveys and questionnaires (RO - EN)


European Commission, Luxembourg
  • Translation into the mother tongue, revision and evaluation of documents requested by the Commission
  • Editing in the mother tongue of important documents drawn up by the requesting services
  • Execution of any other linguistic tasks necessary to effectively carry out the DG’s mission, especially in terms of internal communication and information management



Bachelor of Arts in Philology

Spiru Haret University, Bucharest

Dissertation called "Translating English Scientific and Technological Texts - a critical approach".


CAT Tools: SDL Studio, memoQ
MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Project management
Problem solving
Interpersonal communication
Quickly learning new software



International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters


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