Technical and EU translations

I'm a Romanian freelance translator, professional since 1997. My wide experience ranges from automotive, IT or engineering to social sciences, environment or economics. Some years ago I also worked on a 13-month contract-basis as translator within the European Commission in Luxembourg, thus deepening my knowledge about the EU-related issues and enlarging my experience with translations in this field.

More details can be found in my CV.

Please see below as an example a list of selected translation projects that I've carried out in various fields:

Translation of car user guides, service manuals and other automotive documentations (English into Romanian).
More than 1,500,000 words

European Union
Translation of documents requested by several departments of the European Commission (English into Romanian, French into Romanian) as an in-house translator within DG Translation.
Translation of a series of European Citizens' Consultations (English into Romanian), SCADPlus summaries of UE legislation (French into Romanian) or Romanian (draft) laws, regulations and various technical Government decisions to be aligned with the EU rules and published on the European Commission's TRIS website (Romanian into French), as a freelance translator.
More than 800,000 words

Coordination of a large translation project regarding several feasibility studies destined to Oracle software implementation (English into Romanian).
Translation and localization of web applications and software (English into Romanian).
More than 600,000 words

Translation of technical documentations for industrial equipment (English into Romanian), production management software for aluminum extrusion information system (English into Romanian) or reports and other specialized documents for one of the world’s leading steel and mining company (French into Romanian).
More than 600,000 words